Join Our WhatsApp Group – It’s Free

Join us in our WhatsApp to share your happiness, to get support and suggestions, to learn something which you don’t know, to have some fun, to say good morning, to say good night, to say happy birthday, to wish on occasions and to do more. We have different people with different backgrounds, some are investors, some are spiritual, some are pub lovers, some are coffee lovers, some are entrepreneurs, some have a beautiful mind, some are silent readers who don’t reply just read our messages but we love everyone’s we hope that everyone learning at least something whether it is a big or small it always matter to us.

1. How to add me to the donewith4walls WhatsApp group

  1. Please read WhatsApp group rules before you apply for it.
  2. First You should meet Eligibility Criteria.
  3. And then message your ‘NAME’ via WhatsApp and say ‘You are interested to join the group’ along with the snapshot of your PROFILE PAGE in to the mobile number +91 9010302031
  4. We will evaluate the information and add you to the group


2. WhatsApp Group Rules:-

  • donewith4walls can understand your desperation and excitement when a new girl/boy join our group but do not annoy them by pinging them separately until unless they understand and know about you well in the group
  • Please respect our member’s privacy, they might have committed or married or not interested in any relationships, so please don’t ping individually until they are comfortable.
  • Please do not send a personal message to members for arguments or apologies or for any type of explanations if misspeak or misunderstand about that specific member, you should do it in the group only, so we all know what’s happening and we try to solve it.
  • arguments or hatred or too much sarcasm will not be entertained
  • Complaints against members will not be entertained if the complaint is genuine donewith4walls will look into it and decide.
  • If someone ping you separately offers any benefits for money or for anything donewith4walls will not be responsible, you should be aware and be smart.

3. WhatsApp Group Eligibility Criteria:-

You should do following things to become a WhatsApp Group member. If you are already a member of our group you must and should meet following criteria otherwise you will be removed from the group within 15 days.

  1. Update your original Profile Pic both in
  2. Create an account in donewith4walls.IN and it is mandatory to update your profile with the following information.
    • Profile Pic – Uploading Profile pic is mandatory since we need to identify so that the group members avoid their feeling that they are talking to strangers.
    • Date Of Birth: To wish you on your birthday’s and make the day more special (You can choose not to display on the profile page.)
    • About Yourself –  with min 100 Characters, the more you write the more we like. With this, any new member can read about you instead of asking you again in the group.
    • Location – It will help us while we schedule meetups near your location.
    • Hobbies – Your hobbies can inspire us or maybe wowed us, either way, we love it.
    • Interested Topics – These are the topics that you would love to talk and learn more about it and share it with other’s to show your passion/concern/learn about those topics
    • Relationship Status – It is very important for both boys, girls, men, women to avoid unnecessary approaches. Even if you put Single as your status it does not mean anyone can approach you, they should talk to you in the group and only if you are comfortable to say otherwise they should not. If they break the WhatsApp group rules 3 times they will be removed from the group.
  3. You should attend at least one meetup in person and introduce yourself in that meetup organized by